Monday, 25 March 2013

Nearly done.

Hi everyone. Sending this from the small coastal town of Riverton on the south coast of New Zealand.
Just 60 km's (Approx 37 miles) to go and just 2 more days of walking and we will be
standing at Bluff. The southern terminus of the Te Araroa Trail.

Within a few days of arriving back with family, I will post 2 full blogs.
One of the gear we used and one to finalize the entire journey with some pics.

The weather forecast for the next few days is looking great.
The excitement of finishing is growing with every step, as is the anticipation
of completing an incredible journey.

See you in a few days.

Along the south coast heading toward Riverton

Sunset on the Riverton Harbor


  1. Hello Luigi and Sarn,
    Big congrat's on finishing the big walk. Massive effort from you both. Jo and I have been looking at this site from time to time to see were you are at. It was great to be a small part of your journey when we "meet up" in Waitomo. How did the shoe incerts work out Lu ok I hope. I will be over in NZ in April for you folks 60th so we can catch up then. Plus it will give you bodies time to heal and hopefuly you have put on a bit of weight by then and can fit my shirts Lui.

    Best wishes


  2. Terrific Sunset! Wish I was there for that one!