Tuesday, 2 April 2013


The following gear is what I ended up using for most of the hike.
Some things I replaced or sent home.
It may look like a lot, but everything weighed in at approximately 13 kg's, (28.6 lbs).
The weight changed from 13 to 21 kg's, (28.6 to 46 lbs), when adding water
and food.

When preparing for a long hike and carrying a pack, choose good solid footwear
to suit the terrain. I chose these Vasque Bitterroots.
They gave me a good solid foundation, with ample ankle support.

I wore these Vasque Trail Runners during sections of road walking.

Light weight Crocs for camp shoes.

Top of picture: A thin mat, for extra protection on the tent floor from sharp sticks, etc...
Top left: This bag contains an Exped Air Mattress. Top right: A down jacket that doubles as a pillow.
Bottom left:  A Tarp Tent (weight is less than 1 kg, (2 lbs). Bottom right: sleeping bag with silk liner.
Far right: Hiking poles.

Here you see all the bedding/tent etc... layed out.

From top left to right: rain coat, Marino wool singlet, shorts, water proof over pants,
long sleeve fleece top, sleeveless top, shorts, long johns,
warm gloves, woollen hat, billed cap, 4 pairs of socks, gators,
knee brace, bug net, under wear, rain cover for back pack, micro fiber towel.
( missing is a long sleeve marino top)

Top left to right: foam pad for seat, water proof pack liner, bag with extra laces, twine etc,
bag with first aid stuff, water bottle, camera case, accessory bag, note pad,
2 litre water bladder, sunglasses, reading glasses, spare batteries etc, food storage bag,
toilet bag, head lamp and toilet paper 

Eating bowl with cup and utensils.

All the gear layed out except the food and water.

Next blog will feature the last 2 weeks of the hike.


  1. Great finish! Looks like a lot of stuff anyway you cut it to carry all those thousands of kilometers! Good for you mate!!!

  2. what size pack did you take? and brand?

  3. what size pack did you take? and brand?