Monday, 4 March 2013

Lewis Pass to Arthurs Pass

After soaking for 2 hours in the mineral pools at Hanmer Springs, Dad and Ben took us back to the trail head. Awesome to have them come down and join us for a day.

Dad, 81 years young, still has the spirit. He was ready to join us if it hadn't been for the ferry they had to catch back to Wellington.

One of the longest swing bridges we crossed.
These bridges are needed in the steep mountain gorges of New Zealand.

Sarn taking advantage of a natural hot spring deep in the mountains.

Huts, huts and more huts...each with their own character and charm.
This is an old hunters hut. I will be featuring some more in the future.

One of the many boulder strewn stream beds that are part of the trail.
You literally make your way (follow your nose) up stream until you see another
orange marker. Can you spot Sarn some where in this photo?

Crossing over Goat Pass and into Mingha Valley towards Arthur's Pass.

This is what happens when you loose a bet...Press-ups
in Arthurs pass.

Here, we see a Kea (Mountain Parrot) trying to eat this sun umbrella.
Kea's are known for their mischievousness.

Question:  What is the national sport of New Zealand and where do we rank world wide?

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