Friday, 15 March 2013

Lake Tekapo to Lake Wanaka (Lake district)

This summer has turned out to be a dandy for tramping...but certainly not for farming.
It has been one of the hottest and extremely dry seasons in a long time...however, it's been great for our hiking and the photos we have captured.

Lake Pukaki with Mount Cook in background.

Gary and Madeline invited us into their motor home
for cold refreshments. Check out the name on the bus...
We didn't smell that bad on this day.

Lake Ohau

Taking a mid day nap high in the moutain's and dreaming
of Bluff...only about 450 km's...just a stones throw away...maybe not...

Big river valleys...they look like they go on forever don't they...almost do! and above tree line.

Overlooking Lake Hawea

Met these sky divers on the way down to Lake Hawea.
Malachi (middle) invited us to his home for a shower
and a cold beer. Malachi is a professional sky diver in Wanaka.
Salt of the earth friendly guy.

Heading around Lake Hawea.

On the shores of picturesque Lake Wanaka.

Becks and Chris (owners of Wanakayaks) hosted us at their place.
Just awesome friendly down to earth couple!

I haven't weighed myself in a while...
Last time, I was down to 141 lbs. (starting weight was 152 lbs)
Surely I can't loose any more...

Time will tell....

Question:  Do you know why the lakes and rivers can be so bright and vivid in color?

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