Monday, 18 February 2013

Hard Spectacular Yards

WOW!!  2,000 km's (1,242 miles) done already! Two thirds of the way completed...

The 7 to 8 days in the Richmond Ranges, for me, was the hardest physically that I have ever done!
The trail is more of a goat trail with steep ascents and descents, which required my focusing on every foot placement.
Besides that...the scenery was fantastic!

Setting up camp in the forest

One of the many swing bridges on the trail. A must, especially in high waters.

Studying the map.

Looking down at a D.O.C. hut

Hiking across the tops...

It was pretty difficult walking on these rock screes.

Phil and Emily, from England, hiking the Te Araroa Trail.

Bathing in the refreshing!!

A bunch of happy through hikers!

Mountain water at its, clear, and ohhh so good!!

Rewarding ourselves after a physically tough week... with 2 litres of rich, creamy ice cream, (that's half a gallon!)

The Nelson Lakes region is simply "Spectacular"!

A view of Lake Rotoiti

Up in the mountains

The lifting morning mist

Looking back at Lake Constance

Along the valley floor

As I'm sending this blog, we are relaxing in the picturesque Village of Hanmer Springs. Well known for its natural mineral baths...Ahhhh....Guess where I'm heading right now?

PS:  I have lost weight on this walk. Can you guess how much?


  1. Hi Luigi and Sarn - We met on the Lakeside Trail and at Lakeside Hut. I am the Australian woman married to the Austrian, Rolf, who live in Rochester, Minnesota. We were travelling with our friends from Denver, Maureen and Jim and our guide, Dan.

    It was great to meet you and fun to follow your progress now that we are back home. Great photos. Good luck with the rest of your trip and keep socking back those calories.