Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Marlborough Sounds and the "Queen Charlotte Walkway"

As I am farewelled with a kiss from Melody and board the Ferry, we say goodbye to the North Island , and hello to the South Island.
Less populated than the North with a more varied landscape, (as you will see in future blogs).
 We are approx 1,700 km's (1,056 miles) into the journey.
From a distance stand point, it seems all down hill from here. But the elevation gains will be greater with more alpine country to cross.

"On the Ferry from Wellington to Picton"... a beautiful clear day for a beautiful 3 hour crossing!

Cousin Paul Lee about to take us to ship Cove and the start of "Queen Charlotte Walkway.

Captain James Cook the explorer visited this cove 5 times. Check out the Dates

We met up with "Big John" from New Hampshire and Will from England. Here, we are relaxing for lunch with a view of the sounds.

This sign was telling me "Too many places, Too little time".

Paul and Chrissy Lee "saving the day" by bringing me my old boots, as the newer ones were causing problems my feet. They also treated us with 2 deliciously cooked Crey fish. Yummm!
Crey fish are similar to Lobster. 

As we head deeper into the South Island, the opportunity for internet access diminishes.
I will do my best to keep the blogs going, however, there might be the occasional time lapse.

Do You Know?  What is the highest mountain in New Zealand?

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