Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The Longpathway Update

Quick update!

I mentioned in the last blog that I will be summarising the first 1,000 km's, however,
by the time I got to this writing, we had neared the halfway mark of 1,500 km's.
Being very close to Wellington, the Capital City,  (located at the bottom end of the North Island),
I have decided to summarise the North Island when we take a 2 day break
in about a week from now. Also, look for 2 incredible short stories of coincidence as
well as the "Gear" that we carry...


We spent 4 days canoeing the Wanganui River

The river levels were down, so we rowed most of the 200 km’s.
Our feet got a break but....Talk about an upper body workout!

An unexpected wind gust blew our canoe onto this pile of driftwood.

Back on the Tasman Sea, south of the town of Wanganui, we head down to the Tararua Mountain Range, north of Wellington.

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